Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank you so much!!!

Designer, bloggers, SPH team and hunters,

Thank you so much for making the Season's Palette Hunt Season 2 with such a great bang!
It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you designers, bloggers and the SPH team!
I'm very glad that hunters have thought of this hunt highly than I could have ever imagined! Season 1 left me quite devastated, but I'm so glad that I came back with what I know I can present to the Second Life community. I've learned a lot in organizing hunts and I'm still learning more...

If you think the Season's Palette Hunts end here, you are wrong! Season 3 is already underway and I cannot wait to release the color palette really soon! We have a bright selection of colors based on the website. Here's a teaser:

If you'd like to participate as a designer or a hunter, please keep in touch by either sending, I, Aurora Savira for a nudge (IM will do!) saying you want to participate in the hunt as a designer or a hunter or you could check back to this site for future updates.

Again, for everyone who contributed to the Season 2 hunt, we did such a great job!

For honorable mentions:
Lyn Xenno - Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the patience you've given me! Without you, this hunt wouldn't have been successful! I'd say you're my lucky charm :P
NicholasSparks Resident (Nikki!) - It has been a pleasure working with you! You have definitely made this hunt wayyy easier for me to organize this time. Thank you so much for dedicating your time in inspecting each store!
Zandrah Sorrowman- Thank you for all your help! I wouldn't think you'd be willing to help, but your efforts have made such a great contribution to the hunt. Thank you so much!

A-list designer stores goes to:
EVERYONE IN THE STORE LIST OF SEASON 2! No favorites this time since it has been such a great hunt to organize with professional people! :D

Thank you, thank you!

See you all in Season 3!

Best regards,
Aurora Savira
Season's Palette Hunts Head Organizer

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