Thursday, December 15, 2011


We have received a plethora of applications and I am very grateful for the many talented designers who are interested in joining. However, we do have a few criteria in "weeding" off a few stores that won't be able to join us:

- Your work must demonstrate high-quality and strong marketing presentation.
Rationale: Our main goal is that we present our color palette through your own work. You will be representing not only your shop but also as an ideal shop for our hunts.

-Your location must be in a set location.
Rationale: I have stressed this so many times. We do not accept locations in malls that do not have a set location. As much as we'd like to cater for those small shops, we don't like our hunters getting confused and getting distracted by other stores.

-Your store should cater to all genders. (Low priority)
Rationale: Please remember that SL has so many genders. If your work isn't either of the first two, we might consider you for this third criteria. In the other hand, if you are a shop that has two of the first qualities and lack this third one, we will still consider you.

We are pleased to start this new hunt. We will have a waiting list for those shops that may participate in the likelihood that one shop will either drop out or remain inactive in the coming days prior to the hunt date. We will inform you if you have been accepted or if you are in the waiting list.

Thank you!

Aurora Savira,
The Season's Palette Hunts Head Organizer

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