Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hunt starts at Midnight on October 24th!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the designers who participated in the hunt! I know it wasn't easy, but I am so glad to have worked with every single one of you. I'd like to recognize a few designers who were on point with every little changes... they were the "star" designers of this hunt season and have made my work fun and a little easy :)

Thyratron Turbo of CUBE
Tatoodiva Jules of BagLady Design
Shenlei Flashheart of Debutante
Winona Weifel of PRIME
Mauricette Morane of .MM.(Home)
Imajica Vemo of {{Imajicas G-Spot }} Gestures
Paco Pooley 22769-Casual Couture
And lots more...

And as for the hunters, good luck in the hunt and I hope you all find all the palettes :)

Please feel free to navigate through the site to look for hints and prizes!

Have fun everyone!

Aurora Savira,
Season's Palette Hunt Organizer

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